Succinylated Monoglycerides (SMG)

Product Name: ZTCC® SMG

Full Name: Succinylated Monoglycerides

Product Type: Emulsifier, food grade

Color: White to Light beige

Form: Powder

INS No.: 472g

CAS No.: 977009-45-2

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Features and Applications

SMG can be used as the emulsifier, dispersant and chelator in foodstuffs. Moreover, SMG is effective for conditioning and controlling fat. SMG can work with flour glutenin in a strong role therefore it can be used as a good bread dough. The volume of bread and the flexibility an be greatly increased.


Packaging: Net weight: 25kg/Carton

Storage And Transportation

Shelf Life: 12 months in unopened original packaging under the storage conditions (from date of production).

Storage: Avoid sunlight, rain. Store in unbroken packaging at the cool, dry and well-ventilated place. The storage temperature should below 28 ℃ to minimise the agglomeration (the natural tendency).
Transportation: Keep safety of the packaging in the transportation.

E472g & Local Food Regulations

Additional Safety Information

A Material Safety Data Sheet is available on request.


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