Glyceryl Monolaurate (GML)

Product Name: ZTCC® GML

Full Name: Glyceryl Monolaurate

Product Type: Emulsifier, food grade

Color: Off white to white

Form: Powder

CAS No.: 67701-32-0 67701-33-1 68990-53-4

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Features and Applications
  • 1Because the GML exists in crude latex, having the ability of resist pathogenic microbe inflection, extensively be applied in the infant milk powder, rice flour etc.
  • 2It is used in baked product extensively, having the function for increase the quality of rice and flour production.
  • 3It is a kind of broad spectrum antibiotic, which is safe, efficient and extensive. It can inhibit some kinds of virus and a lot of bacteria and bioplasm.
  • 4It is used as an emulsifier in sanitarian foods and other foods such as bread, cake, streamed bread and moon-cake.
  • 5It is used in meat product, dairy product and fruit and vegetable for make the time of preservation longer.
Packaging: Net weight: 25kg/Carton
Storage And Transportation

Shelf Life: 12 months in unopened original packaging under the storage conditions (from date of production).

Storage: Avoid sunlight, rain. Store in unbroken packaging at the cool, dry and well-ventilated place. The storage temperature should below 28 ℃ to minimise the agglomeration (the natural tendency).
Transportation: Keep safety of the packaging in the transportation.

Local Food Regulations

Additional Safety Information

A Material Safety Data Sheet is available on request.

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